Thursday, November 10, 2011


HELLO I'm so excited to start this..  My name is Cortnie and I'm a mother of a new 12 week baby girl. Her name is Eve Viva and she is a easy happy bundle of joy

 I'm married to my sole mate and my everything! Being married and having a baby has been a huge blessing however many many bumps in the road so far.. I'm looking forward to many more:)!!

I am a stay at home mommy and I've been blessed to be able to live by my best friend and role model my momma! I love spending time with the ones I love. I also enjoy lots of other things and stuff but those will be later on in my blogs to come!...

 I also live by my little sister 4 blocks away ( Lucky Ducks).. Her and I are very opposite but hey opposites attract, sometimes:) she is also a mommy to my sweet little Aspen, she is 2 years old:). So since my sister moved closer we have put out heads together and have gone out on a new adventure!!

 I met an amazing lady named Erin and she introduced me to an amazing, fresh, healthy, smart, new, and natural way. Along with meeting her I have also been inspired by some other amazing people. Everyone is successful in there ways and I'm so blessed to be apart of their team! Lets back up... When Eve was 11 days old she came down with a fever:( so I watched it and it just wasn't going down. I took her in to see her doctor and by the time we got there her fever had gotten worst. So they admitted her to the NICU and there I was with my new baby looking at her with IVs in her being poked and not feeling well. Well after a couple days the figured out she had Meningitis! So after several more miserable days they let us take her home:)!!!! The doctor told us the keep the house clean don't take her out and watch her development ( that stuff can be scary). They caught it in enough time she should developed fine.... Anyways! So I started to look for ways to make my house safer for baby and I always looking for ways to be healthier. So in my search I came across Shaklee! AMAZING not only do they have safe natural products that are proven effective, also you can make money with it as well..


Sooo nice to make extra while at home with my baby! So I met Erin and she got me started, it wasn't just a bla way either she is on fire, so is her leader Bonnie! They are so inspirational and way ahead of the game! So I've been using their products and absolutely love them! I'm feeling better physically, emotionally, and holy crap I actually enjoy cleaning more:)!! My house is safe for my baby girl and we are heading in a new way!! My little sister is on fire for this as well, we are having a great time sharing ideas how to keep colds away, how to use the Basic H:), and how to reach out and help other mommies!

So please please feel free to contact me or go to my facebook page and friend me, I would love to hear your story and see if there is anything I can do to make your life more enjoyable and healthier! HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY DAY!!!