Friday, December 16, 2011

OH Boy the OVEN!

Good morning, I'm into sharing a couple things with you, like how I clean my kitchen and how wonderful Scour Off is, how and what I pack my hunk for his lunches, and other fun things like baking and little crafts! So stay tuned to more fun and helpful posts!

Now the icky oven! Nope never cleaned it! YUCK! I can't believe I cook in this thing now that I take pictures and after I clean it, I'm almost embarrassed! OH WELL!:) More inspiration and it gives me a peace of mind to know my kitchen and life is being cleaned with Shaklee!!!!

Here is the nasty oven!

The inside guts!hahaha kidding

Scour off is amazing I just rubbed it on with a cloth and then with another damp cloth started cleaning, I spent a good 15mins on this sucker! And man am I happy I did!!

A New Oven..
YES! Can't wait to bake!
So Much Better!
Even cleaned the hood!

So I'm off to make my first ever home made bread!! I'll keep you posted!:)

How clean is your oven?
What do you use to clean it?
I would love to know and tips you might have!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Cortnie ~

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  1. This looks AMAZING Cortnie! I LOVE the scour off! It smells great too! :)