Sunday, December 4, 2011


I know I'm alittle behind with my post but geez they wont save!! So hopefully this one works!!

Every year we try to make it down to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. We finally made it to my grandmas farm after a long drive, but it is soooo worth it! She has the cows, the ponds, the wildlife, and the peace and quite we all long for with our hectic lives. While we are there you can find my husband down by the pond fishing his little heart out! And me usually on a brisk walk taking in the fresh air, or all cozy talking to my grandma by the fireplace:)... This year we jumped in the car with my folks and headed a couple hours to my moms parents! What should have been 2hours turned into FOREVER!:) Wellll we happened to drive by Branson and had to, of course, drive through the town:) It is hysterical! It was worth driving though laughing our butts off at the bizarre little town:) 
                                                                     Can you believe it:)

                                                                So that was fun
So like I said earlier what should have been a couple hours turned into forever! My dad who never gets lost.................... Well he used his GPS ( gotta love those things) and after a long, long, curvy road and taking the wrong turn we actually ended up at a dead end! HA LOST, that isn't the best part we went around the whole HUGE Lake and the road ended in the LAKE!!! It was a ferry dock! BAHAHAHAH I was so stressed from the drive and curves and so shocked I couldn't stop laughing, whelp we saw that ferry coming our way and next thing you know we are taking the ferry across the lake to were we should have been! So Eve got to go on her first ferry boat ride!!! My husband at that time wish he brought his fishing pole, and my parents were laughing so hard they couldn't believe it.. So we crossed the lake and it took us 15 mins to get to my grandparents!  Well that was one of the funnier trips I have ever taken.. So needless to say my dad is now questionable while in the drivers seat!  :)

So baby finally got to meet her grandparents!
We are SO blessed to have been able to see them, they are in their 80's...We bathed baby while we were their so my grandma could help, and she made us a fabulous dinner home made like she always does.
We visited and looked through all their photo albums, and learned more about where I come from:)
Here is little Eve Viva with her grandparents and great grandparents!  Cherish those sweet moments~

Did you get to see your grandparents this year for the holidays?
I would love to hear about them

So we made it back to my other grandmas house after an amazing time with my grandparents. Enjoyed the rest of the time on the farm
and stuffed our selfs with yummy left overs:)

Better late then never HOW WAS YOUR HOLIDAY:) ???

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  1. These are precious memories. You will be so glad you blogged so you can look back and smile! :)